Saturday, September 22, 2007

A little inspiration motivation....

Sometime ago, I received this book from a friend. There was a bookmark at page 31 where she had written, "Suzy, this one's for you".......

A Smile

Lord of the evening,

There are some people who always make me feel better for meeting them. The people who make me smile.They have a warmth about them, an inner joy.After a few minutes in their company, the world seems a better place.

Somehow, my problems and difficulties are not nearly so bad. What gift is it that such people have? What is the secret of their infectious joy?

Lord, I'm thinking about a particular friend, who always makes me feel good. Why is it that I am always lifted up simply by the presence of that friend? I know that to give out warmth and joy is impossible without love. Such a person has to have a loving, caring spirit. Is it that they care more about people than things? Is it that for the few minutes they are with me I catch a glimpse of love at work?

Lord, tomorrow I will meet a number of people, and I would like them to feel better for having spent some time with me. It will mean that I will have to think more about them than myself and that won't be easy, It will take effort. But of all the things that I could spend my energy on, few things could have more value than making someone smile or feel a little love. Lord, help me to bring some joy or warmth into every meeting.

Written by Frank Topping

~ Thank you, dear friend !

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Theresa said...

What a special poem/writing that your friend mark for you. Yes it is amazing what a simple smile can do for someone having a bad day.

Have a great weekend and keep smiling!