Thursday, February 14, 2008

~Happy Valentine's Day~

~ Calling Long Distance ~
I read about a man who called his wife from an airport pay phone. When he had used up all his coins, the operator interrupted to say he had one minute left. The man hurriedly tried to finish his conversation with his wife, but before they could tell each other good-bye, the line went dead.
With a sigh, the man hung up the phone and started to leave the little phone cubicle. Just then the phone rang. Thinking it was the operator wanting more money, the man almost didn't answer. But something told him to pick up the phone. And sure enough, it was the operator. But she didn't want more money. Instead she had a message for him.
"After you hung up, your wife said she loved you" the operator said. "And I thought you'd want to know". To love and be loved is like being warmed by the sun from both sides.
Love is the slowest and quickest quality~
Slowest to doubt ~quickest to believe.
Slowest to critize~quickest to approve.
Slowest to irritate~quickest to smile.
Slowest to accuse~quickest to excuse.


Christina said...

awww..I got tears in my eyes...Now I have to call my valentine and tell him how much I love him..

Midlife Mom said...

What a wonderful story! I'm so glad he picked up the phone!!

I'm fixing Hubby's favorite supper steak and mashed potatoes tonight. Also invited FIl over as I don't want him to eat alone on Valentine's Day.

Take care and come by again soon!!!

Jewelgirl said...

Very sweet story and Happy Valentines Day to you! I also
liked your Wordless Wed Photo!

Myrna said...

Love the story--and the art work is delightful.
Happy Valentine's Day!

Zoey said...

What a romantic Valentine's story, Suzy. Thanks for sharing it with us.