Friday, March 7, 2008

Who's googling you?

Every once in a while, I check in with Sitemeter to see what people are googling. It's interesting to see what they're looking for...and find me!

Most popular:

"Dionne quintuplets"
I did a post about a antique postcard that I have from 1934, picturing the girls.
Posted - July 20, 2007

Running a close second:
"American sweetheart"
I wrote a post about my collection of pink depression glass.
Posted -September 21, 2007

And believe it or not, people always google the word "bloomers", looking for ladies undergarments, which never crossed my mind when I chose the name "Suzy's Bloomers".
I'm referring to the flower garden variety!

Now I have a question for all you fellow bloggers:

At what point do you start to delete old posts? yearly? never?
And being a novice at the computer, are all these posts stored on my memory or Bloggers?
Just curious.
Let me know what you think...


Myrna said...

I can't answer any of your questions. I have wondered aobut the same things. I hope someone gives you an answer.

Michelle said...

Sorry, I have no idea. I've had my blog for almost 2 years and still have all the posts. I probably won't delete any. I really love going back and seeing what was going on.
Sorry not more help. (o;