Monday, November 17, 2008

On the lighter side.......

Things you DON'T want to hear at a tattoo parlour....

- "Eagle? I thought you said BEAGLE."

- "We're all out of red, so I used pink."

- "Anything else you want to say? You've got
plenty of room back here."

- "Mother" does have two T's in it, doesn't it?"

- "I bet you can't tell I've never done this before."

- "You know, hardly anyone gets blood poisoning
from these."

- "The flag's all done and, you know, the folds of fat
make a nice waving effect."

- "Ooooooops!"

Have a good week!

1 comment:

Needled Mom said...

Too funny. Definitely not what you would like to hear.