Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Where the buffalo roam....

Alex and I went over to the County Park a while back to feed the ducks and just spend some time in the sun.

Before we left ,we stopped to see the buffalo. . . . . . . .

Did you say buffalo?

Yes, buffalo in Pennsylvania. We have had a game preserve with buffalo in our County park for as long as I can remember. Not a common sight to see in this part of the states !
As a little girl, I always look forward to the County Fair in August. There would be buildings full of exhibits from the local farms.

Massive pumpkins that weighed 100 pounds, canning goods and fresh pies with first place ribbons, and a chance to see the buffalo.

Enjoy your day....we did !!!


Zoey said...

Those are some BIG animals! What a fun day you two had.

I always loved the county fair when I was a kid, too. Ours is also in August. I would save my money all summer just so I could go there two or three times. Wonderful memories.

Midlife Mom said...

The best part of the county fair are the animals and the pies! My mouth is watering just thinking about all the different pies, pickles, bisquits, preserves, etc that are always there. Those are huge buffalo! Didn't know you had them in Penn!!! I wonder how they would get along with our Maine black bears???? You sure have done a lot of different crafts, your work is beautiful! I used to do cross stitch until my eyes gave out on me! ha! What is your new business venture???????? Don't keep us guessing!