Monday, October 8, 2007

~ All good things must come to an end ~

This has been the most wonderful spring and summer season that I can ever remember...with plenty of warm, sunny days.
I've always waited until the Memorial Day holiday to plant my annuals, for fear of a late frost. This year the weather was so warm that I took a chance and planted the first weekend of May. By mid- June, the new flower bed was filling up with plenty of color!

Neighbors were stopping to comment on the containers on the front patio.
Then thanks to the lack of rain, watering became a daily ritual.

Now summer is officially over...and yet we've been blessed in October with an extension of warm weather. It sure doesn't feel like fall when the forecast is in the 90's!
But that's all going to change in a few days. Temperatures will return to normal, with highs in the 50's. They predict a frost around October 21st. The leaves will continue to change color and Suzy's bloomers will wither off and get ready to sleep through the winter...and then start the cycle... all over again.
"A beautiful blossom is a fleeting thing, It stays for a moment and then takes wing..." - Albert Richards


Theresa said...

It is amazing how things thrive in warm weather- Living in southern CA, it is amazing how you plant something and it grows- not like that when I tried it on the east coast.

Love the vibrant colors of the last picture- the blue is really beautiful.

Donna said...

The flowers are beautiful, such vibrant colors!
And of course, fall will bring more beauty in all of it's colors too!
Donna :)

Susie said...

Your gardens are truly lovely. They must give you so much enjoyment during the blooming season :)
We've had pouring rain most of the last 24 hours. Feels like fall!

Anonymous said...

You grow the most beautiful flowers I
have ever seen. I now live in Arizona and can't grow too many things..
Your flowers are breath taking.
Diann in Arizona

Shaunda said...

Your garden is SO beautiful. I really enjoy gardening too. We just did our trim back. In yet fall is beauty I sure do love spring the BEST!