Friday, October 19, 2007

~ Words for Life's Journey...

There is a large cemetery in our neighborhood ~ my father is buried there. It's a peaceful place with tree-lined streets and very little traffic. I stopped there today, and decided to spend an extra hour or so walking. I was on my way back to the car, when another car pulled up near mine and parked.
A young man, that looked to be about 30 or so, got out and walked up the hillside to what appeared to be a new grave. He knelt down and brushed the fallen leaves off the gravestone. I was still a good distance away and I don't even think that he noticed me.
A few minutes later, as he wiped tears from his face, he got up and taking the keys from his pocket, started towards his car. Then suddenly he stopped, turned around and went back to the grave and sat down. Soon I was close enough to see that he was having a one -sided conversation with his loved one.
As I got into my car and drove away, I wondered about this person he had lost. Was it his father or maybe his young wife or even a child......... and I wondered if he was saying the words he wished he had said when they were here?
written by Suzy

Before It's Too Late

If you have a tender message,

Or a loving word to say,

Do not wait till you forget it,

But whisper it today;

The tender word unspoken,

The letter never sent,

The long forgotten messages,

The wealth of love unspent –

For these some hearts are breaking,

For these some loved ones wait;

So show them that you care for them,

Before it is too late.

Frank Herbert Sweet

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