Sunday, March 1, 2009

~ Quilt Barns ~

" A Patchwork Path Through the Farmland. "
When we were in Ohio last summer…I found the four below:
The quilt barn phenomenon is sweeping across rural America. It started in Ohio. The concept began as a tribute by Donna Sue Groves to her mother as a painted quilt square on the family barn in 2001.
Groves never imagined her idea would lead to colorful quilt patterns with names such as friendship star, bowtie and brown goose appearing on over 900 barns in 16 states.

Today Ohio, Iowa and Kentucky have over 250 in each state, and the project continues to spread. West Virginia, Illinois, Indiana and Tennessee also have joined in.
There are several reasons for the popularity of quilt square barns. Volunteers see them as an opportunity to contribute to the community in a fun, unique and visible way. Farmers see them as a way to get people into the countryside, share their love of the land, and honor someone in their own family.

To view some of these barns… just google….quilt barns in Ohio

There is, however, one barn quilt square that will never be seen by the public. This past summer Groves was very ill for several weeks. When she came home from the hospital, her mother had a surprise waiting. Groves' favorite quilt square had been painted on their barn where it cannot be seen from the road. "It is just for the two of us," Groves says.

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Needled Mom said...

Don't you just love the idea? We saw many of them in Iowa last summer and I just loved the rural settings with the big quilt blocks painted on the barns. I had thought it started in Iowa as I had read about the program in one of my quilting magazines.