Saturday, May 30, 2009

~ Saturday photo hunt ~

This week's theme is : BOOKS
Some women like to buy shoes.....I buy books !
Why so many? I can afford to... I never pay more than 3.00 a book

And then there's my cookbook collection...when I retire, I'm going to read them all !
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Claudia said...

So many books, so little time!
The clock clearly pointed that out.

Mariposa said...

I so want to go there now and read them ALL! My god...

Mariposa's PhotoHunt

Alice Audrey said...

You have a very nice supply of books.

srp said...

Garage sales and library sales are great places to find books. Mine is up here.

Zoey said...

Books are a great item to collect. I, too, have a sizeable cookbook collection and can't wait until I have more time to read them all.