Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I know that every Grandma thinks......

that they have the best Grandchildren.
But...my youngest grandson is one in a million. He's the most considerate, polite, undemanding kid I know.
The other day, I bought a new large print dictionary at the book store. I had a big old webster that I had got for $1.00 on a clearance table some time ago and told my daughter to take it home if they didn't have one.
Alex: What's this?
Sarah: It's a Dictionary. Gram sent it. She thought you might need it for school.
Alex:Wow! for my birthday?
Sarah: No...Gram has your birthday gift, she'll give it to you on Wednesday.
( Alex spends some time looking at it and puts it on the coffee table. )
Stepdad Frank comes home: What's this ?
Alex: It's a dictionary! Gram gave it to me for my birthday!
It tells you what words mean and has some neat pictures. Isn't it nice?
Frank just smiled at my daughter Sarah and said "Aren't we lucky ".

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Needled Mom said...

Awww...an he's so cute too. Aren't you lucky?