Thursday, February 8, 2007

Any South Beachers out there?

Three years ago, I went on the South beach diet and was quite pleased with the results. Other diets that I had tried left me hungry all the time.On the,you're allowed 3 meals and 3 snacks each day,more than I would normally eat.I lost 25 pounds and have maintained it pretty well.I also started a weekly S.B.newsletter which ran for 74 weeks.So if you're interested,let me know,I would love to post a few recipes one day a week.

"Nothing Tastes as Good As Thin Feels"


Morning Glory said...

I'm not a SB dieter, but I'm always game for new recipes.

Zoey said...

Since I have gained a lot of weight in the past two years, I am also game for low-cal recipes.

I used to say, "Nothing tastes as good as thin feels" all the time when I was thin. Somewhere along the way, I must have forgotten to say it!

Tori said...


I would love to be on your SBD list. I need all the recipes I can get. Thanks for visiting my site, I sure needed the encouragement!! Looking forward to reading more.