Monday, May 28, 2007

Cookie's a Pretty Bird....

Several years ago, we moved to upstate Western New York .... a relocation for Hubby's job.

We got busy getting settled in... and Sarah went off to school and Hubby to his new office and I found myself alone and not knowing a single soul.

We had never had a pet...and maybe this was the time to get one. I've always loved anything with wings, so this is the route we took. I found a breeder in the area that had newly-hatched cockatiels that were being hand-fed. The younger the bird, the easier it is to teach them to talk.

We got a male and called him " Cookie".

Wow...what a fast learner. I could teach him a word a day and a phrase in just a few days.

After a couple weeks, I got a job. I thought that Cookie might be lonely being home all day by himself ....So we brought home another male..."Muffin". They were always caged with their wings clipped, but once in a while I would let them out to explore or play on the bird swingset I bought at a craft show! MidlifeMom would say, isn't that a hoot!

Well, Cookie and Muffin are still with us and are now about 15 and 16 years old and doing well! I don't know how old they are in " bird years but I'd be interested to know.


Myrna said...

Beautiful birds!

We had a cockateil for several years. I named him Oliver, but we called "him" Ollie. Then, low and behold, Oliver became Olivia when she began laying eggs--often! :)

She died a couple of years ago, during a extremely stressful time in our lives. I will always believe that our stress and heartbreak transferred to her! I fed her and cared for her, but just didn't have the time I normally gave to her. It happened very unexpectedly and suddenly. It was a hard time.

Midlife Mom said...

How adorable!!!! They are soooo cute! So you got a companion bird for the bird! That IS a hoot! lol! How many words can Cookie say now? We've had about every kind of pet you can have including iguanas and ferrets but never a bird. Isn't 15 and 16 old???? I don't know bird years either.

~ Janice ~ said...

Ooh they are so sweet! What a cute and clever play set you have for them...I love it! I have a female cockateil named 'Rosie'. I have been told that some males can learn to talk, but very rarely will females learn to talk. Interesting, isn't it? My dear little Rosie has to have surgery at the vet tomorrow...she has a growth on her wing (sniff). I hope she's going to be ok.