Monday, May 14, 2007

What a Smart Bird....

A few weeks ago, I took a ride through the large cemetery in our neighborhood. They have lots of statues and flowerbeds that are great for photos. At one end,there is a large pool with a statue of Christ being baptized by John.I got out of the car and went closer for a better look. Near the edge of the pool was a Canadian goose.I took his picture and started around the pool. He immediately got in the pool and swam along side of me.

And then I saw her...

she was sitting up on the wall on a nest... Two days later, I went back with bread, and as I drove up, I noticed that both geese were in the pond.

She had left the nest with what looked like 2 broken eggs and one unbroken.

Well one little guy did make it, and was he ever cute. He was strutting around the pool like he owned the place, stopping to check out every blade of grass that was growing up between the cracks. They eventually all got in the water. I was curious as to how this little guy (only 2 days old ) would be able to get out since the edge of the pool was about 15 inches deep from water to sidewalk. This I had to see.... before long momma and papa got out and baby started swimming to the other side of the pool !

The workers that had been there recently cutting grass were also watching this story unfold, and they had slanted a board on the edge of the pool, making a ramp.

So up he went!...what a clever goose...then ran to catch up with his proud parents!


Myrna said...

What a precious story! Babies of all species are adorable--and their parents are proud.

Midlife Mom said...

What a great story and photos! I wonder how long they will stay there??? You'll have to keep us updated on the little ones progress.