Friday, May 25, 2007

Kennywood Park.....

Kennywood Park today....2007

Postcard from 1902

Growing up in the Pittsburgh area, the highlight of the school year was the Kennywood Park school picnic. Every year we would look forward to a full day of fun that made going to school all year worthwhile! Here is some info. on this historical park......

Only 11 Remaining Trolley Parks in the U.S.
Trolley companies built most of them to en-courage more riders at night and on weekends, when business tended to be slow. A beach, a picnic area, and a few rides at the end of the trolley line attracted tens of thousands of passengers on a Sunday. Cleveland's Euclid Beach, Pittsburgh's Kennywood Park, and San Francisco's Chutes all started as trolley parks.

There were more than 1,000 of these parks in the United States prior to The Great Depression of 1929. Some were simply a picnic grove with an athletic field and swimming area. Others were full-fledged amusement parks with a variety of rides, games, dance halls and roller skating rinks.

Kennywood is a National Historic Landmark located on a bluff overlooking the Monongahela River just minutes from the downtown Pittsburgh area. The park was founded in 1898 as a trolley park by the Monongahela Street Railway Company.

Surviving the years and continuing to thrive this traditional park is one of America's finest. Kennywood is 40-acres of exciting attractions that include a number of historic rides, including the Jack Rabbit, (built in 1921) and the Racer (built in 1927) wooden coasters; an original tunnel of love dark ride that dates back to 1901; and a historic Carousel located in the carousel pavilion building, that dates back to 1898.
Kennywood uses the slogan " America's finest traditional amusement park." Kennywood now features 31 major rides, including three water rides, five roller coasters and new in 2007 -- Cosmic Chaos, the S.S. Kenny and the Pirates of Kenny Cove high dive show. With 14 child-friendly rides in Kiddieland, two arcades and seven gift shops.

As of March 2006, Kennywood had bought 15 acres and is in the process of acquiring another 28 acres. Its $60 million expansion plan, includes a hotel, an indoor water park, and a new signature thrill ride.
If you're in the Pittsburgh area, this is one place you'll want to visit... and if you've ever been there, let me know!!


Myrna said...

Sounds like a wonderful place to go!

It wasn't a trolley park--but we lost our beloved Opryland in Nashville several years ago when the owners decided they weren't making enough money. So they tore it down and bult a (drum roll here). . .MALL! Just what the world needed--another mall. Of course now the same people are talking about putting in a (another drum roll) Theme Park! Duh!

Midlife Mom said...

That looks like a wonderful park. I'm going to save the information as we are always looking for something new to go and explore. Can't always go to Disney! I'm itching for a trip to Penn. in the near future as my niece dcrmom lives there. Your pictures in your prvious post are beautiful! Isn't it wonderful to have summer here and the beauty of the flowers to look at. God is so good to have given us these beautiful things to enjoy in a world that has a lot of things that aren't so beautiful. Thanks for your kind comment on my new blog design. I really like it too and I think it fits my personality to a T. It was a long time coming, she is very busy but worth the wait.