Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Flower bed Scramble.....

Last September, we moved. At the last house I had lots of perennials and there was no way I was leaving those behind. I would have to convince Hubby to take on this extra project with all the added stress of moving. At first he was reluctant... he doesn't understand the importance of a well - established root system and figured next year I could just buy and plant more... what's the problem ?
Well I finally talked him into it.

I had carefully drawn a layout for the new flower bed ahead of time, strategically planning with the tall ones in back, short in front, random colors and timed - blooming to cover Spring through Fall. I would be ready for the next gardening season !!

So we dug, and hauled, and dug some more... making several trips from house to house until finally hubby said " No more, I think that's enough "! At this point I knew if I wanted those plants in the ground, I had better start handing him plants as fast as I could. (So much for well laid plans ! !)

Well this past weekend, the weather was finally nice enough for yard work. And looking at the flower bed, I think about 30 of the 37 plants we moved have survived. The only problem is I can't tell what is where. I guess I'll just have to wait 'til they bloom !!

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Midlife Mom said...

Your flowers are so pretty, makes me sooooo anxious to have things blooming here. It will be a while though, still cold at night. I too moved plants when I moved 10 years ago, I just couldn't leave them behind after tending them for 10 years in that house. It would be like leaving a friend behind!